Friday, September 24, 2010


Following the Techy House scene in Miami came the MANAFest. A three day PsyTrance festival presented by Yogi Bogey Box at the beautiful Echo Lake, NY. What a change of pace that was. I had 2 days to switch my mind from my 130BPM tech music to banging 140BPM Psy Trance. It took me a day before I could get into the Psy mode, but once I did oh boy did I bring the sound. I was booked for 1.5 hrs and at the end of the set was a scheduled break. You guys were not having it when I stopped the music, too into the groove to chillax…….what to do but to crank the system and keep going. The second part of my set I recorded for you guys and posted it on the website for download. Thank god DA came to the rescue and took over. After over 3hrs of DJing it was time for a break. DA killed it and the days went on. The Deco was superb and the sound average. I feel a laser or two would have made it for me, but thats just my taste. It was a spiritual event with amazing people that all had an aura of happiness and delight throughout. The beautiful weather made it great, even the slight drizzle at the end was touching to the soul. From the classes of Yoga and Aikido to some spiritual gatherings with meditation made this wonderful event healing in an epic way. I hope to see you all next year when MANAFest returns.

More pictures from the event may be found here :

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