Monday, September 27, 2010

King West Fitness 171 East Liberty St. Sutie 275 Toronto, ON

The party at King West Fitness was great. They will be hosting monthly events there, so be on the look out for more fitness parties in the future. Never thought what a great venue a gym would be. They cleared out half the work out equipment, got lights, sound, djs, bars, couches, filled in some people.....made a nice party. The venue is huge and with a little more promotion the place can hold tons of people, I think its a great spot to rock it. We broadcast the sets live on so next time if you cant make the event tune in for the music. From PIP singing live to Ryan Callaghan and Igor Borsyov on the decks, some great music was dropped.  I cant wait to go back to Toronto soon as the whole weekend was superb. Thanks to all that made it a wonderful weekend.

More pictures from the event may be found here :

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